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Successfull Celebration of Himalayan Night Spring 2015

Himalayan Night Spring 2015 was a blast.
Following is the link to all the videos of the performances.–zS2oD

– By Reejan Shrestha

Also, most of the pictures can be found in the link below.

– By Roshan Shrestha

Group Points fifa online 2015

Schedule fifa online 2015

Fifa Online Spring 2015

Fundraising for War Child

We are going to host a fundraising against war child this Sunday over in the Mall from 4:00 – 6:00pm.

Hope to see everyone there.


Against war Child

Himalayan Night 2011

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Himalayan Night -2013

Dashain Party

Dashain Party is hosted by Namaste Nepal to celebrate the biggest festival in Nepal. In  this festival, peopel put "Tika" on their forhead from their elders and get their blessings. This is the time when all the family members and relative get together to talk about their year through experience. Namaste Nepal organizes Dashain Party in the weekend of Dashain festival according to the Nepali Calender. Various Nepali foods are prepared and singing and dancing are held. So what if we are not present in Nepal to celebrate its biggest festival? We have Namaste Nepal who fulfills the desire. That's right. We organize Dashain Party every fall semester where people in festive mood come together to dance, sing and celebrate. We have contemporary Nepalese music followed by amazing Nepalese food.