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Namaste Nepal is an organization at Truman State University. It is a non-political, focused but diversified global Nepali community at Truman. IT has always been a medium for cultural exchange among various international students.

Namaste Nepal was founded by Nepalese student community at Truman State University in 2004. Since the date of establishment, Namaste Nepal has been a medium for cultural exchange among different international students. In course of doing so, Namaste Nepal organizes Himalayan Night- a rich cultural progam blended with various traditional food and costumes. It also participates in organized by International Club like International Dinner and International Idol, as well as other events such as Big Events, AIDS Awareness Week, Movie Night, etc.

Namaste Nepal is also aware about Nepali Students at Truman. It provides homely feeling to Nepali students by organizing programs at national festivals like Dashain, Nepalese New Year, Tihar, etc. Namaste Nepal has been continously organizing farewell for graduating as well as transferring students. Namaste Nepal gladly welcomes any international student and faculty member to participate in its cultural exchange progam through open membership policy. Namaste Nepal is non-profit motive, non- political, focused but diversified global Nepali community at Truman.


There are three founder members of Namaste Nepal. They have successfully graduated from Truman and are now on their career path. The three founders are:

  1. Biplaw Rai
  2. Binod Pandey
  3. Raghav K. Chhetri


Mission Statement:

The mission statement of this organization is to cultural self-expression,promoting multiculturalism and awareness, education, and understanding of Nepalese culture. Cultivate a sense of community for Nepalese and other students at Truman and all those interested in the Nepalese culture, provide an opportunity for cultural exploration and friendship.