Food Recipes

“Food is one of the most important and persistent aspects of tradition and culture. Throughout the world, food is used to celebrate holidays, rituals, and family gatherings. For special occasions—and even for daily meals—our culture often determines what, when, and how we eat. These traditions connect us to our history, our locale, and to one another.” —

Hello and namaste,

I want to start sharing my knowledge and experience of cooking here in our Truman community. By doing so, I believe, we can share our culture and tradition in a better way. Hence, I want you, active Namaste Nepal members, to start doing so too. At this point, the recipe will be posted as pages, which means you will have to submit the recipes you want to share to me and I will post them for you, but I am working on making it much more easier for you publish it online by yourself.

Cooking is fun and posting how to do here will make you able to share it with others. I want you to participate actively on this if you like cooking and sharing your ideas. That is it for now!

Thank you!