Namaste Nepal

Truman State University, Kirksville, MO 63501



                    The name of this organization is NAMASTE NEPAL at Truman State University.

ARTICLE II : Purpose

                   The main objective of this organization is to promote the cultural diversity of Nepal at Truman State University. This organization will help increase awareness about Nepal in the university and in Kirksville community.This organization will be a resource of Nepal and will bring forth the issues of Nepal.

                   The organization shall coordinate and promote activities, programs and fundraising events which are of support to the goals of the association. It will, as it deems necessary, undertake fund-raisers for its own purposes. All fund-raising shall be conducted in accordance with University policies and procedures.

ARTICLE III: Membership

                  Any students, faculty and staff of Truman State University who meet the following criteria can be a member of Namaste Nepal:

  1. Any faculty and staff of Truman State University can be an associate member of Namaste Nepal.
  2. Any student (part-time and full-time) who is enrolled for the current semester in Truman State University can be an active member of Namaste. “Members” mean Truman students only.
  3. This organization may recognize alumni and honorary affiliates as consultants for the purpose of extending assistance in areas directly related to organization activities, fund-raising, ceremonies, and promotions of the organization.
  4. Consultants and Associate members may not hold office within the Committee, nor shall they vote on any matter before the committee.
  5. Dues shall be charged for membership in the association. The amount of dues charged for each year will be determined at the first meeting of the new executive committee. Membership dues should be paid before the midterms of semesters and will be collected by the treasurer. Students who do not pay their membership dues will lose their privileges of membership, including voting rights.

ARTICLE IV: Duties of Members

  1. All members of the Namaste Nepal shall abide by the constitution of Namaste Nepal.
  2. All members shall voluntarily attend the general meeting regularly.

ARTICLE V: Executive Members

  1. There will be nine executive positions in the Namaste Nepal.
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Social Chair
  • Fundraising chair
  • Public-Relations Chair
  • Co- Activities Chairs
  • Webmaster

       2. Executive members will be elected through general elections which will take place once a year at the end of every spring semester. Only active members can run for the executive positions.

       3. A person running for the President is required to have held an executive position for a year and be a junior or senior by status.

       4. The duration of each executive position is one year. If any of the executive member resign before his/her term is completed then another person could be selected by the same voting system in the general meeting. This special case voting terms will be decided by the executive committee.

       5. An active member can appeal for the reversal of any decisions. He/she shall argue the case and the decision shall be made by voting in the general meeting.

ARTICLE VI: Duties of Executive Members

  1. President: The President of this organization shall serve as a leader and the representative of the entire Namaste Nepal. President shall also be responsible for business in the general meeting. President will also be a liaison between Namaste Nepal and other organizations on campus. He/she shall make no motions nor vote on any questions unless the members present shall be equally divided. In this case, he/she shall cast the vote to break the tie.
  2. Vice President: The Vice President shall assist and work in conjunction with the president on leadership, representation, and other responsibilities. He/she shall work as an acting President in the absence of the President.
  3. Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for the duties assigned to him/her by the President, taking role at meetings and keeping an accurate record of all the business taken care of at the meeting. He/She is also responsible for all correspondence between the Namaste Nepal and its members.
  4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for all the financial matters of the organization. He/She shall keep a detail account of the money received and spent and must provide the necessary documents to the executive committee in demand.
  5. Social Chair: The Social Chair shall be responsible for organizing any social events and other public events for the organization.
  6. Fundraising Chair: The Fundraising Chair shall be responsible to organize and facilitate different fundraising events support organization in Nepal.
  7. Public-relation Chair: The Public-relations Chair shall be responsible to promote the organization and it’s events through out the campus. He/She shall also be responsible for getting new members to join Namaste Nepal.
  8. Co-Activities Chair: The Co-Activities chairs shall be responsible for facilitating Namaste Nepal members to participate in various on campus activities, including intramural, homecoming, sporting events, dance events. Upon the Board members decision, Co- Activities chairs may be required to be one female and one male.
  9. Webmaster: The Webmaster shall be responsible for updating the website with the consent from executive members.

Along with all these responsibilities, the responsibilities of general members also apply to executive members.


  1. General meeting shall be held twice every month.
  2. The venue for the meeting shall be announced at the beginning of the semester.
  3. If there is a need of extra meeting the President shall announce the meeting date and the time with the approval of at least two third of the members present at the meeting.


  1. All executive members should be elected by the active Namaste Nepal members only.
  2. Nominations for executive positions election should be held before the elections and only active members can take part in nominations. All nominations should be seconded by at least one active member.
  3. The election shall be held once every year at the end of the spring semester.
  4. The duration of the term for all executive members is one year.

Voting Procedures

  • Time will be allocated for members to add\remove their name  from the nomination list before the final nominations are announced.
  • The officers to be elected will be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Chair, Fundraising Chair, Public-relation Chair, webmaster, and Intramural Chair in this order.
  • Then, each nominees for each position are required to give a 2 minute speech, which should address the following questions:
    • Why are you running for this position?
    • Explain your position requirements.
    • What can you offer for the organization besides attending board and general meetings?
  • During a nominee’s speech for a particular position, the other nominees  for the same position are required to leave the room.
  • After the speech, the nominee’s will be asked at least two questions, one question by the previous person in that position and second question by other board member.
  • After all the speeches and Q&As are completed for a particular position by all the nominees, they will exit the room for members to conduct voting.
  • Paper will be handed out to the Namaste Nepal members only to write the name of their nominee running for that particular position.
  • There should not be any talking or discussion once the ballot are handed to the voters.
  • The ballots will be collected and then counted and the winner for that particular position will be announced.
  • Thus, if a person does not win, he/she can still run for other following positions if they are interested.
  • Again, the procedure of adding or removing names from the nomination list begin for the following position and then procedure repeats till the last position is filled.

ARTICLE IX: Voting Procedure

  1. Only Namaste Nepal active members present at the meeting are eligible to vote.
  2. The voting shall be held in a top-down order. First, the voting shall be done for the President and then for Vice-President and so on with Webmaster elected in the end.
  3. The candidate for different offices should also be allowed to address the members of Namaste Nepal present in the general meeting before the voting starts for that particular office.
  4. Motion of incompetence against the executive members can be present in a meeting. If two third of the active members vote Namaste Nepal for the pro then the motion will be passed and the executive member must resign from his/her post.

ARTICLE X: Amendments

  1. Only members of Namaste Nepal can propose a new amendment in a meeting. If two third of the members present at the meeting support the proposed amendment then the actual voting shall take place in the following meeting.
  2. The constitution of Namaste Nepal shall be amended if two third of the members of Namaste Nepal present at the meeting vote for the new amendment.

ARTICLE XI: Treasury

  1. There will be only one bank account to Namaste Nepal club.
  2. Funds of the Namaste Nepal club shall be withdrawn from the bank on the signature of the Treasurer. No funds may be withdrawn without the authorization of the Treasurer and the President.
  3. The Executive committee must approve all expenditures before the money is spent.
  4. Upon dissolution of Namaste Nepal club, all the funds shall be disbursed to the Namaste Nepal Scholarship fund.


  1. The Namaste Nepal must have an Adviser at all times. He/She may be any faculty or staff member of Truman State University.
  2. The term for an Adviser is indefinite until he/she decides to resign.
  3. The Adviser’s duty is to make sure that the Executive committee is functioning in accordance with the constitution. The Adviser also makes sure that the Namaste Nepal is not breaking any of the rules and regulations set forth by Truman State University or any legal laws.
  4. The Adviser may at any time dissolve the executive committee of the Namaste Nepal if he/she feels that they are not performing their duties stated in the constitution.
  5. The Adviser also oversees the election process.

April 3, 2017

  1. Namaste Nepal board proposed an amendment to the constitution of Namaste Nepal on April 3rd, 2017. With the consent of the members, Namaste Nepal will now have two Intramural Chairs as Activities Co-chairs.